Alphaeon® Beauty Eyelash Serum

Say goodbye to skimpy eyelashes

Long, thick eyelashes have always been regarded as beautiful. Unfortunately, thinning eyelashes are part of the aging process. The Alphaeon Beauty Eyelash Serum was developed to hydrate and condition your lashes, resulting in the appearance of longer, fuller eyelashes.

This easy-to-use hydrating Serum is supplied with an applicator brush, which allows you to simply glide the product at the base of your upper eyelids once a day to enjoy results comparable to these found in a clinical study after 8 weeks of use:

  • 80% reported overall improvement in eyelash appearance
  • 76% reported lashes appeared thicker and more conditioned
  • 72% reported lashes appeared less sparse

Individual results may vary, so talk to your dermatologist or aesthetician at Dermatology & Skin Surgery about whether Alphaeon Beauty Eyelash Serum can help you have the fuller, longer-looking lashes you want.