Skinceuticals – Advanced Skin Care Backed by Science

Born from a revolutionary discovery in skin cancer research that led to pivotal breakthroughs in antioxidant formulation, SkinCeuticals’ high-potency skincare products offer powerful concentrations of pure active ingredients in formulas proven to penetrate optimally into the skin.

The antioxidants in SkinCeuticals skincare formulas provide protection from damage deep within the skin caused by free radicals that result from infrared radiation pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol and other environmental aggressors. In addition to providing protection from future damage, SkinCeuticals products have been clinically proven to reverse skin damage, including fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

The Look at Dermatology & Skin Surgery offers a wide variety of high-quality SkinCeuticals formulas. Our licensed dermatologists and aestheticians can help you select the products that are right for your skin type and skincare goals.


We’re proud to carry the following products by Skinceuticals.

Gentle Cleanser

Formulated for dry, sensitive or traumatized skin, this mild cream cleanser removes excess oil and impurities without drying or irritating the skin. Gentle Cleanser is ideal for conditioning, soothing and calming skin after an in-office procedure.

CE Ferulic

A daytime serum that combines a high concentration of pure vitamin C with vitamin E and ferulic acid, CE Ferulic provides advanced environmental protection by neutralizing skin-damaging free radicals to produce visible anti-aging benefits. CE Ferulic is paraben-free and ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin.

Phlorentin CF

Phlorentin CF is a daytime antioxidant that features a patented combination of pure vitamin C with Phlorentin and Ferulic Acid to neutralize free radicals caused by environmental stressors that can lead to accelerated skin aging. Ideal for normal, oily, combination or aging skin, Phlorentin CF has been shown to improve the appearance of discoloration, fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Retexturing Activator

Retexturing Activator is a revolutionary serum that replenishes skin moisture while simultaneously exfoliating and resurfacing skin. Formulated in an effective oil-free delivery system suitable for all skin types, Retexturing Activator serum has the resurfacing power of a 20% daily glycolic acid treatment to produce noticeably smoother skin texture.

Resveratrol BE

Resveratrol BE is a first-of-its-kind nighttime treatment that combines a maximized concentration of pure, stable Resveratrol with baicalin and pure vitamin E for optimal antioxidant benefits. This patented antioxidant formulate neutralizes free radicals and strengthens the skin’s natural defenses, diminishing visible signs of aging and revealing healthy, firm and more radiant skin.

Triple Lipid Repair 2:4:2

Lipid depletion is the loss of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids in the skin’s surface that provide a natural protective barrier and give skin the ability to self-repair. With age, skin becomes increasingly susceptible to lipid depletion resulting in visible signs of accelerated aging. Triple Lipid Repair 2:4:2 is an anti-aging cream contain a maximized concentration of lipids to help restore skin’s external barrier and support natural self-repair. This unique lipid correction cream has been clinically proven to visibly improve skin smoothness, laxity, pores and overall radiance.

A.G.E. Interrupter

A.G.E. Interrupter is an advanced, multi-action anti-wrinkle treatment that fights the visible signs of aging caused by Advanced Glycation End-products. Formulated with a pioneering concentration of Proxylane™, blueberry extract and phytosphingosine, A.G.E. Interrupter improves the appearance of skin creping and thinning; reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and roughness; and restores hydration and nutrients to improve firmness.

Metacell Renewal B3

Metacell Renewal B3 is a comprehensive daily emulsion that visibly improves the early signs of photoaging with a high concentration of vitamin B3, a skin-firming tripeptide concentrate and pure glycerin. This innovative formula increases cell turnover to resurface skin, helps reclarify and even skin tone, and improves the appearance of both wrinkles and surface elasticity.

A.G.E. Eye Complex

A.G.E. Eye Complex is an exclusive formula that helps improves the effects of glycation around the delicate eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet while hydrating skin around the eye.

Antioxidant Lip Repair

Antioxidant Lip Repair is a powerful emollient treatment that helps fight the signs of environmental damage to lips while smoothing and rehydrating the lips surface. This restorative formula alleviates dryness and tightness, and it is ideal for relief of lip dryness caused by certain prescription medications.

Phyto Corrective Gel

Phyto Corrective Gel is a soothing oil-free moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid, cucumber, thyme and other botanical ingredients that is excellent for sensitive or for acne-prone skin. This unique formula also feature mulberry to help minimize the appearance of discoloration and promote a clear complexion and fresh-looking skin.

Advanced Pigment Corrector

Advanced Pigment Corrector has been tested on all ethnicities, and it is clinically proven to improve the appearance of stubborn skin discoloration and boost skin radiance with a comprehensive, multi-action technology that works to exfoliate skin, revealing smoother and more even skin tone.

Hydrating B5 Gel

Hydrating B5 Gel is an oil-free moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid to help bind moisture to the skin and vitamin B5 to replenish nutrients skin needs to feel smoother and look younger. Hydrating B5 Gel can be used with a daily moisturizer to provide extra hydration or alone as an oil-free moisturizer, ideal for acne prone skin.

Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50

Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50 is an ophthalmologist-tested sunscreen formulated specifically for the thinner and more sensitive skin around the eye. This innovative formula provides broad spectrum SPF 50 sun protection without irritating the eyes. It comes in a unifying tint that enhances skin tone with ceramides to nourish skin and creates a smooth base for makeup application.

Neck Chest & Hand Repair

Designed specifically to address sun damage in often neglected areas of the skin, Neck, Chest & Hand Repair delivers powerful skin brightening agents that fade the appearance of age spots and restore more youthful skin texture in these areas.

Body Retexturing Treatment

Formulated for dull, rough skin zones, Body Retexturing Treatment promotes exfoliation and provide hydration to retexture rough body surface and significantly improve skin radiance and smoothness. This once daily treatment is suitable for all skin types and is effective even on extremely dry, flaky skin.

Body Tightening Concentrate

Body Tightening Concentrate is a cooling fluid that helps tighten, firm and lift sagging skin on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, knees or upper arms. Formulated with 2% hydrolyzed rice protein, Body Tightening Concentrate helps support skin structure to make the surface appear smoother and tighter.